A Little Subversive Christmas Cheer

I’m on vacation with my family this week, so I’m not planning on updating the blog at any kind of normal rate.  Somehow vacations are more mentally draining on me than regular work weeks, and I just don’t have the necessary mental capacity for complex thought after herding my two little tornadoes all day.  The following post is an email I received from someone who was on the receiving end of one of our subversion assignments (my dad).  While it’s highly unlikely that the person who did the action is a reader of this blog, it’s cool to read about the reaction of someone who does read this blog when the subversive tables are turned.  Enjoy.

I know you’ll laugh when you read this. I’ve been reading your blogs and really wanted to comment, but I haven’t figured out how all that works yet. I was particularly interested in your subversion assignment blog on 10/7 (ok I confess I just started reading a few days ago and am trying to catch up). Anyway, this past Sunday we decided to make a whirlwind trip to Silver Dollar City to see the Christmas lights. Since we waited to leave until after church we decided to pull into the local Sonic to get some food. There were only two cars ahead of us, so my expectation was that it would be a short wait. That was, until the car immediately ahead of us pulled up to the window. After a few minutes I started grousing about how they must have ordered for everyone in town because it was taking so long, even though I could only see one head in the car.  I noticed that the driver handed money to the cashier two separate times, so I felt justified in my synopsis of how much they had ordered.  As the car drove away, the driver honked and waved, but – assuming they were waving to someone behind me – I didn’t pay it any attention.

When we finally got to the window, I started to swipe my card and the lady at the window stopped me and informed us that, “Your food has been taken care of.”  I did a double take and asked for clarification, and she explained that the people in the car ahead of us had paid for our food!  Bottom line, they must have read your blog, and now I’m going to find an opportunity to be subversive.  It really does make an impact when someone does that for you. Thanks for the suggestion.  Next time, I’ll be on the giving end. I hope more people try it!

I. Love. This.

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